mindfulness massage

Mindfulness massage is a unique treatment combining the thought-freeing practice of mindful meditation and the calming properties of therapeutic massage.  

Mindfulness is not a new idea, although it has become more widely known recently.  It harnesses ancient Eastern traditions of meditation and in its simplest form means to focus on the present moment, and calmly and without judgement, acknowledge the thoughts, feelings and sensations of your body. 

Complementing this practice with massage gives you the added benefit of a therapeutic treatment to help keep your mind in the here and now.  By relaxing your nervous system, the massage calms your brain making it more receptive to new processes and thought patterns. 

remedial massage

Remedial Massage is a therapeutic, deep tissue massage used to holistically treat specific soft-tissue dysfunction and pain.  During a Remedial Massage treatment, the therapist aims to establish the underlying cause of the pain or decreased range of motion.  Once determined, a variety of techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release or cupping therapy are employed to assist the body to resolve the problem.

Looking at the body holistically, if one part is experiencing pain or simply isn’t working the way it should, the healthy functioning of your whole being can be affected.  Pain can manifest itself in many ways – not just muscle pain, but also headaches, general fatigue, abdominal pain and trouble breathing depending on the muscles effected.  By relieving the muscle stiffness and contraction, these other symptoms may also be relieved.

therapeutic / relaxation massage

As the name suggests, therapeutic massage aims to relax both the body and the mind.  Using longer, flowing strokes to ease the muscles, along with kneading and compressions, this massage will relieve stress and tension, leaving you feeling blissfully peaceful and calm.

lymphatic drainage massage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a very specific massage technique which helps to ensure our body’s ability to rejuvenate and establish resistance to all types of stress placed on it, encouraging the natural circulation of lymph through the body.  
MLD is not a deep muscular massage but a harmonious manual treatment using gentle techniques to facilitate decongestion of lymph ducts and reduce oedema. This allows regenerative fluid to flow and improves circulation and toxin removal as well as carrying vital immune-competent cells to areas where it is needed, thus hastening healing times.


Kinesiology has a basis in muscle testing as a way of finding out what is going on in the body. Muscles relate to the various energy meridians (the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine), and when tested can provide information about where there might be energy blockages, stresses or imbalance in the body causing symptoms.  

Once the imbalance has been noted, your kinesiologist employs a range of corrections and techniques to help restore optimal energy flow.  These correction techniques can range from massaging reflex points along the spine, to tracing the meridian line through the body to using metaphors to explore and understand the issues the body is trying to deal with to help it correct itself. 

mindful massage program

An exciting new program incorporating regular mindful massage with information and take-home techniques to introduce you gradually to the benefits of mindfulness in your daily life.

This 4-session program includes a weekly or fortnightly mindfulness massage treatment to get you started and refocussed each week on your mindfulness journey,  Beginning a new regime like this can be difficult after a lifetime of a busy mind and overactive thoughts.  The therapeutic massage component calms your nervous system which relaxes your brain, making it more receptive to new practices and thought patterns.  

After each massage you take home specially packaged information to help you reinforce your new practices at home.  Specifics about how to start observing your thoughts, how to reduce the power of your thoughts and feelings over your actions, and how to incorporate gratitude into your mindful way of thinking.  Daily tasks will show you how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life so that it gradually becomes second nature, and videos and further reading provide insights into overcoming obstacles along the way.  

What have you got to lose, apart from stress and suffering?